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Award Ceremony of International Leontief Medal Laureates 2011 for Contribution to Economic Reforms

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"Economic Development and Stabilization" - a series of seminars in the cities of Russia, 1996

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Publication of research findings is one of the key areas of the Leontief Centre’s activities

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Anniversary Conference Dedicated to the 20th Year from the Beginning of the Economic Reforms and Prospects of Further Russia’s Development: "20 Years: the Results and Perspectives"

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Leontief Centre News

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XI All-Russian Forum of Strategic Planning Leaders (October 22-23, 2012, St Petersburg)

International Centre for Social and Economic Research “Leontief Centre” was established in 1991 as independent research and consulting organization at the time of historical transformations of society, economy, and the State.

New research centre was mainly focused on coordinating all-Russian and regional research on the transition economy to attract investment. Later on, the topics and scope of the Centre’s activity have been changing in response to economic and social development priorities of the country and regions.

In 2021, the Leontief Centre is celebrating 30 years: a long way has been covered, many undertakings have been implemented, and a lot has been achieved.

ICSER Leontief Centre by now:

  • 280 projects implemented,
  • 500 conferences and seminars organized,
  • 50 partnerships with research, consulting and civic organizations,
  • over 100 works completed on assignments of the State and municipal authorities,
  • 476 publications prepared and published.

ICSER Leontief Centre:

  • realizing its mission, undertakes applied research and development in regional and urban economy and management, public finance, support for entrepreneurship, cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, social policy and employment, and other areas. The Centre’s project activity covers many cities and regions of Russia;

  • participates in establishment and support of relevant partner networks, is the founder of well-known research, educational and expert organizations, works closely with partners — leading expert organizations in various fields. In 2015, the stable partnership with the consulting company AV Group on the market of development of strategic documents for the cities and regions of Russia, as well as in developing strategic planning in Russian, resulted in establishing the Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium. The Leontief Centre is a member of respected professional societies and associations. The Centre’s employees work in research and expert councils, are members of leading relevant Russian and international associations, are members of the editorial boards of a number of journals on regional economy;

  • annually organizes and holds major research and expert events: Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia (since 2002), International Scientific Conference of the Cycle “Leontief Readings” (since 2000), International Leontief Medal “For Contribution to Economic Reforms” Award Ceremony (since 2005), Boris Ovsievich Award to young scholars for the best economic and mathematical research (2005-2016);

  • cooperates with a number of universities, primarily with the National Research University Higher School of Economics. In 2011, the Leontief Centre Chair at Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg was established;

  • has been the host of the regular citywide interdisciplinary scientific seminar “Economy and Society”;

  • prepares regular reviews on strategic planning, EU regional policy and cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, as well as on the socio-economic situation in St. Petersburg;
  • runs publishing activities. 476 publications have been prepared and published in 30 years: 14 collective monographs, 36 collections of articles and materials, 11 textbooks for HEIs and teaching aids, 12 reference books, 31 brochures representing materials of completed projects and research, 3 periodic thematic newsletters (372 issues).

The Leontief Centre’s employees have published 239 articles in 30 years. Among the publications of 2016-2020, 42 publications are indexed in Scopus and/or WoS and 52 publications are indexed in RSCI.


Размещен отчет о деятельности базовой кафедры МЦСЭИ «Леонтьевский центр» в НИУ ВШЭ – Санкт-Петербург

19 июля на сайте Леонтьевского центра размещен отчет о деятельности базовой кафедры МЦСЭИ «Леонтьевский центр» в НИУ ВШЭ – Санкт-Петербург за 2020-2021 учебный год.

Ресурсный центр по стратегическому планированию подготовил обзор «Кто хозяин на рынке стратегий?» № 14

Ресурсный центр по стратегическому планированию при Леонтьевского центре подготовил обзор «Кто хозяин на рынке стратегий?» № 14, содержащий анализ рынка стратегического консалтинга за первое полугодие 2021 года.

Консорциум Леонтьевский центр - AV Group приступил к реализации проекта по разработке стратегии социально-экономического развития Липецкой области

Консорциум Леонтьевский центр - AV Group приступил к реализации проекта по разработке стратегии социально-экономического развития Липецкой области. 6-8 июля состоялся первый выезд команды разработчиков в регион, в ходе которого проведены встреча с Губернатором и совещание с руководителями ИОГВ. Составлена детальная дорожная карта на первый период работ.

Практиканты Леонтьевского центра

В январе-июне в Леонтьевском центре прошли практику 82 студента из НИУ ВШЭ - Санкт-Петербург (бакалавриат и магистратура), Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета (бакалавриат и магистратура), Санкт-Петербургского государственного экономического университета (бакалавриат).

How to find us

ICSER Leontief Centre
25, 7th Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, St.Petersburg 190005, Russia
Business Centre "Partnerstvo"
phone: +7 (812) 314-41-19 


Russian National Sub-Committee


Strategic Planning News


Association of Russian Economic Think-Tanks(ARETT)


XIX Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia


Interdisciplinary Seminar «Economy and Society»


Form of seminar suggests key speech one or two presenters among leading Russians or foreign scientist, politicians, experts on topical issues theory and practice world economic and social develop, including Russia and Post-soviet countries, followed by discussion this problematic with audience 

Analytical Review «The Socio-Economic Situation in St. Petersburg»

This analytical overview is a bi-monthly edition brought to you by the Leontief Centre in Russian and in English since 1992.

Overview of key events and decisions of the European Union Regional Policy

The main objective of the reviews - tracking key events and decisions of the EU regional policy. 
Current review is prepared on the basis of the 5 web sites.