16.04.2024 :: The Bronze Horseman as a genius loci: the experience of political hermeneutics

Report by G.L. Tulchinsky at the meeting of the IBC “Economy and Society”

15.04.2024 :: Publications of participants of the XXI Strategic Forum

Thematic issue of the scientific journal “Regional Economics. South of Russia” – Forum partner

20.03.2024 :: Austrian School of Economics: Fundamental Principles, Methodology, Institutional Analysis and Prospects

The journal “Problems of Economics” published an article by A.P., senior researcher at the Leontief Center. Zaostrovtseva

19.03.2024 :: Course of lectures on spatial planning

R.M. Voronkova delivered her own course of lectures in the master’s program “Territory Development Management”

19.03.2024 :: Cultural landscape of Russia

Report by V.L. Kagansky at the meeting of the IBC “Economy and Society”

18.03.2024 :: Sustainable development of the territories of the city of the future

March 14 L.E. Limonov spoke at the II student scientific conference

04.03.2024 :: "Genius loci" of Russian cities"

On March 1-2, the XXII Annual Conference from the series “Leontief Readings” on the topic “Genius Loci” of Russian cities” was held in St. Petersburg

02.03.2024 :: Leontief Medal Award Ceremony

On March 2, a solemn ceremony was held to award the 2023 laureates with the International Leontief Medal “For Contribution to Economic Reform”

28.02.2024 :: System of cities and spatial development of Russia

A monograph on the problems of spatial development of Russia and the transformation of the urban system has been published

22.02.2024 :: Mendeleev’s Map: apply!

A new all-Russian project to support talented youth and young scientists

20.02.2024 :: Presentation of the book “Russian Trap”

At the IBC meeting, the book “Russian Trap” was presented by the author

13.02.2024 :: Chronotope and “dark matter”

Report by D.A. Kotsyubinsky at the meeting of the IBC “Economy and Society”

12.02.2024 :: Basic department of ICSER "Leontief Center"

February 4 L.E. Limonov presented the master’s program "Urban Development and Management"

30.01.2024 :: “Who is the boss in the strategy market”, review No. 19, 2023

A review of the market for orders for the development and updating of strategies based on the results of 2023 has been published on

23.01.2024 :: System V.N. Kokovtsova – myth or reality?

Report by Belykh A.A. at the meeting of the IBC “Economy and Society”


Employees of the Leontief Center have prepared the next issue of the review "General characteristics of the socio-economic situation in St. Petersburg", N181.

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XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia