December 18  
Seminar theme: Economic Theory of Dictatorship
Speaker: Andrey Zaosrovtsev, St Petersburg State University of Economic and Finances
Mikhail Gorny, Centre "Strategy"
November 27  
Speaker: Nicolay Dobronravin, St.Petersburg State University, Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS
November 6  
Seminar theme: Current Situation in the View of Mass and Elite
Speaker: Boris Dubin, Levada Centre
October 23  
Seminar theme: Social Recognition in the Modern Russian Literature
Speakers: Vadim Semenkov, Marina Rabzhaeva, St.Petersburg State University
June 7  
Seminar theme: Transparency Enhancement of Extractive Industries: ‘Resource Damnation’ or Lack of Due Diligence?
Speaker: Julia Guseva, KPMG Russia and CIS (Moscow Office), Director on Government Advisory and Transparency Services
May 31  
Seminar theme: Cultural Capital in Post Soviet Russia: Pierre Bourdieus Theory?
Speakers: Mikhail Sokolov, Centre for Independent Social Research
Galina Chernetskaya, St. Petersburg State University
May 3  
Seminar theme: Role of Religion in a Political Life of Israel
Speaker: Ilya Vasilyev, the Political Scientist (Jerusalem)
April 17  
Seminar theme: Abnormal Country: Correlation of Economic Growth and Institutional Development
Speaker: Andrey Illarionov, Institute of Economic Analysis, Director; Cato Institute, Lead Researcher
March 13  
Dispute: Liberalism: Pro and Contra
Speaker: Dmitry Travin, Delo Magazine, Deputy Chief Editor
Kirill Borisov, European University at St. Petersburg, Economic Department, Deputy Dean
February 13  
Seminar theme: Federal and Regional Industrial Policy in the Views of Enterprises Heads” on the Basis of Enterprises Heads Questionings in 2005-2006 in the Framework of State University – High School of Economy, World Bank and Hitotsubashi University (Japan) Projects
Speaker: A. Yakovlev, High School of Economy pro-rector, Director of Enterprises and Markets Analysis Institute of High School of Economy (Moscow)
February 8  
Seminar theme: Whether democracy is effective of not?
Speaker: A. Slutsky, Dean of Economic Faculty, High School of Economy
January 18  
Seminar theme: Possibility of National Projects Implementation Estimation and it’s Monitoring Nessesity
Speaker: V. Peresada, Institute of Economy and Conversion




XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia