Resource Centre for Strategic Planning


Resource Centre for Strategic Planning (RCSP) was established under Leontief Centre in 2000 as a response to request from the management practices for development of a fundamentally new planning technology for Russia that was firstly applied by Leontief Centre in 1996-1997 years to develop the first country’s Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg.


Mission: improve the quality of strategic planning and management at national, regional and municipal levels.



Resource Centre

  • unites professionals;
  • collects and distributes methodological and practical information on strategic planning;
  • provides operation of Internet portal;
  • launches Newsletter "News of Strategic Planning";
  • strengthens relations between strategy development experts;
  • provides scientific and methodological support of Strategic Planning Forum;
  • provides methodological and learning materials, consulting services;
  • offers information support to the authorities, experts and consultants on territorial strategic planning issues;
  • organizes trainings and educational programmes.

RCSP Coordination Council:
Irina Karelina, Director-General of ICSER Leontief Centre
Alexey Krylovskiy, President of AV Group
Natalia Lebedeva, Chairman of the Board, ASSET

Director of RCSP – Boris Zhikharevich


 More information is available on RSCP website.



XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia