December 10  
Seminar theme: Motivation of Labor for Hired Employees
Speaker: Dmitriy Egorov, European University in Saint Petersburg
November 26  
Seminar theme: Status and Development of Modern Organized Crime
Speaker: Yakov Kostukovsky
November 23  
Seminar theme: Social dimension of Urban Space
Speaker: Nikolay Kornev
November 9  
Seminar theme: Research of the Earth Regions Demographic Development: Institutional Attitude as a Methodological Respond to the Challenge of Transitology
Speaker: Mikhail Klupt
October 29  
Seminar theme: The Concept and Classification of Social Risks
Speaker: Olga Kashina
October 15  
Seminar theme: Capacity Building for GDP Doubling (on the Examples of Leningrad Region and St Petersburg)
Speaker: Viktor Peresada
July 6  
Seminar theme: Methodology of analysis of the processes of social sphere transformation
Speaker:  Vladimir Yadov
June 29  
Seminar theme: Anti-Globalization, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism. New Complexes of Europe
Speaker: Leonid Keselman
June 15  
Seminar theme: St Groups of Interest in Russia
Speaker: Andrey Yakovlev (High-School of Economy, Moscow)
June 9  
Seminar theme: Globalization: Social and Economic Balance and Political Improvements
Speaker: Dmitry Travin
June 1  
Seminar theme: Political Economy of Autocracy.Presentation of the Book Actual Problems of Social Sphere Transformation
Speaker: Andrey Zaostrovtsev
May 25  
Seminar theme: Decivilization of Control under Criminality
Speaker: Valentin Golbert
May 18  
Seminar theme: Psychology of Dependent Behavior (on the Example of Behavior Connected with Use of Drugs)
Speaker: Valentina Shabalina, Professor of Psychology Faculty, A.S. Pushkin University
May 11  
Seminar theme: The End of “Agitation for Happiness”. Social Scenarios of Reading of Renewed Version of Domestic Fine Arts
Speaker: Ludmila Gaav, Doctor of University Paris
March 30  
Seminar theme: Demographic Theories: Sociological Analysis
Speaker: Frantsuz Yury,  Master of Sociology, University of Minnesota, USA
February 25  
Seminar theme: An integrated Approach to the Evaluation of Investment Projects
Speaker: Mr. Glenn Jenkins, Economic Faculty, Queens University, Canada




XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia