November 20  
Seminar theme: Galina Starovoytovas Phenomenon in Transforming Social Space (Presentation of the Book Galina Starovoytova – Continuation of the Life)
Speaker: Keselman Leonid
November 10  
Seminar theme: Social Problems of Art Culture and Russian Legislation about People of Free Profession
Speaker: Tomchin Grigory
October 24  
Seminar theme: Dynamics of Currency Substitution of Assets and Real Dollarization and Euroization in Countries with Transition Economy
Speaker: Edgar L. Feige, (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
October 17  
Seminar theme: Social History and Transformation of Social Space
Speaker: Mironov Boris
October 7  
Seminar theme: Development Stages of Community and Sphere of Ethnocultural Minority Socialization
Speaker: Mikhailov Dmitry (Estonia)
September 26  
Seminar theme: Russian Problems of Regional Monitoring of Social Sphere Indicators
Speakers: Keselman Leonid,  Matskevich Maria
September 9  
Seminar theme: Terrorism: Definition, Threatening, Prospects
Speaker: Gilinsky Yakov
September 5  
Seminar theme: Carrying out of field research in crisis community: ethical and methodological problems
Speaker: Adeline Levine, (Buffalo, USA)
June 20  
Seminar theme: Consequences of forced privatization (is neoliberalism functioning?)
Speaker: Lorens King
June 17  
Seminar theme: Russian Byzantizm in Semeiotic Sector of Social Sphere
Speaker: Bachinin V.A.
June 3  
Seminar theme: Sex, Gender, and Citizenship in the Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Discourse
Speakers: Temkina A., Zdravomyslova, E.
May 16  
Seminar theme: Sociology of Memory. Practice in Comparative Research of Social Memory
Speaker: Ethkind A.M.
April 25  
Seminar theme: Problems of the Transformation of the Social Security System
Speakers: Limonov L., Oding N.
April 18  
Seminar theme: Structural The Administrative Violent Resource and Unfriendly Takeovers in the Russian Economy, 1998-2002
Speaker: Volkov V.
April 8  
Seminar theme: Construction of Social Issue: Methodology of Studying and Practice of Government
Speaker: Ilin V.
April 4  
Seminar theme: The Theory of Public Choice as a Tool to Study Todays Russia
Speaker: Zaostrovtsev A.
March 28  
Seminar theme: St.Petersburg: between the Past and the Future. without the Present
Speaker: Tomchin G.
March 25  
Seminar theme: Intercultural Tolerance in a Large City
Speaker: Kozlovskiy V.
March 21  
Seminar theme: Measurement of Poverty
Speaker: Eliseeva I.
March 11  
Seminar theme: War and Peace in the Contemporary Global Crisis
Speaker: Travin D.
February 28  
Seminar theme: Regional Political Elites and Strategies of Regional Identity in Todays Russia
Speaker: Gelman V.
February 28  
Seminar theme: Corruption: Theory and Reality
Speaker: Gilinskiy Y.
February 18  
Seminar theme: Corruption: Theory and Reality
Speaker: Gilinskiy Y.
February 7  
Seminar theme: Organized Crime and Criminal Organizations
Speaker: Kostyukovskiy Y.
January 17  
Seminar theme: Political Context of Economic Reforms
Speaker: Vassil’ev S.



XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia