November 18  
Seminar theme: Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Growth: Russian specificity
Speaker: A. Yushkov, Bachelor of SPSU, Master of Economics of Bonn University, Fellow of the German fund DAAD
September 30  
Seminar theme: The Report 32 of the World Bank, dedicated to Russian economy "Uncertainty of economic policy restricts the growth horizons"

Speakers: Birgit Hanzl, Chief Economist and the World Bank’s coordinator of economic policy in Russia
Sergey Ulatov, Senior Economist, World Bank’s Economics and Politics Department
September 16  
Seminar theme: Assessment of market participants inequalities of society in Ukraine
Speaker: Mikhail Loshinin, expert at the Center of Social Expertise of Sociology Institute of NASU, Kiev
June 25  
Seminar theme: Round Table “Modern Approaches for Urban Planning” 
June 11  
Seminar theme: Economy of Good and Evil
Speaker: Tomash Sedlachek, Check economist, senior macroeconomic strategist of Chechoslovak Trade Bank, professor at Karlov University in Prague
May 20  
Seminar theme: State language policy within the framework of economic history of Russia
Speaker: Denis Kadochnikov, senior fellow of the ICSER "Leontief Centre" and associate professor of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science of SPSU
April 22  
Seminar theme: Business on innovations: the role of government, private entrepreneurs and venture financing
Speaker: Vladislav Miagkov, senior analyst of real estate department in company "Ernst & Young"
April 11  
Seminar theme: World Bank report number 31 "Confidence Crisis Exacerbates Economic Problems of Russia"
Speakers: Birgit Hanzl, chief economist and coordinator of the World Bank’s economic policy in Russia
  Michael Matytsin, World Bank consultant 
March 18  
Seminar theme: Happiness in Russia in the Context of Modernization Theory
Speaker: Eduard Ponarin, Professor, Doctor of Social Sciences (academic degree of PhD, University of Michigan), head of the Laboratory of Comparative Social Research in HSE.
February 26  
Seminar theme: New trade theory and regional trade agreements: the benefits and challenges for Russian business in the context of the economy of the WTO
Speaker: Alexander Shepotilo, Leading Researcher of the Theory of Markets and Spatial Economics HSE
January 28
Seminar theme: Generation "Semidesyatnutyh" Fifty Interviews - Results of the Study
Speaker: Dmitriy Travin, Faculty of Economics, Scientific Director of the Center for Modernization Studies at the European University at St Petersburg






XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia