October 1    
Seminar theme: Ageing Russia: results of two decades (1990 - 2010 years)  
Speaker: Gayane Safarova, leading researcher at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of EMR, a professor at the European University in St. Petersburg  
September 27    
Seminar theme: The main aim was dedicated to the reform of Russian Railways and the problems of non-discriminatory access to infrastructure  
Speaker: Russel Pittman, Director of Economic Research in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Visiting Professor at the New Economic School (Moscow)   
September 12    
Seminar theme: St. Petersburg - the City of the Future: Alternatives to Development  
Speakers: Mikhail Petrovich, Director of the Office of territorial information systems and modeling of urban JSC Petersburg NIPIgrad  
  Leonid Ivanovsky, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, honored Scientist of the Russian Federation , director of practice management consulting company " Balt- Audit- Expert", a member of the Economic Council of the Governor of St. Petersburg  
  Aleksandr Khodachek, Professor, president of the St. Petersburg branch of the HSE  
  Kirill Soloveychik, Ph.D., President and General Designer of  Lenpoligrafmash  
June 18    
Seminar theme: Liberal economy of James M. Buchanan  
Speaker: Andrei Zaostrovtzev, General Research Assistant of Leontief Center, Professor of State University - Higher School of Economics.  
June 4    
Seminar theme: Eurasian Continental Integration  
Speaker: Evgeniy Vinokurov, Director of the Center for Integrative Studies of the Eurasian Development Bank  
May 30    
Seminar theme: City and the Suburbs: the Subtleties of Coordination  
Speakers:  Leonid Limonov, Director-Coordinator of Research Programmes of ICSER Leontief Centre
   Artur Batchaev, ICSER Leontief Centre
May 17  
Seminar theme: Possible Effects of State Regulation of Trade Practices within Private Businesses
Speaker: Andrey Shastitko, Professor at Department of Applied Institutional Economics, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Director of Center for research in competition and economic regulation, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
April 1  
Seminar theme: Byzantine Lesson: Institutions are Relevant
Speaker: Sergey Vasilyev, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank, Scientific Head of ICSER Leontief Centre
March 12  
Seminar theme: Urban Segregation: Models and Research Prospects in Russian Cities
Speakers: Aleksandrov D., Deputy Director of  HSE in St Petersburg
  Kondratyev M., Researcher of HSE in St Petersburg
March 5  
Seminar theme: Pitfalls of Modernization: the XVI Century to Modern Russia
Speaker: Dmitri Travin, Academic Supervisor of the Centre for Modernisation Studies of the European University at St Petersburg
January 15
Seminar theme: Socio-Economic Mechanisms on Transformation of Modern Russian Health
Speaker: Leonid Keselman, Sociologist






XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia