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Closed Joint Stock Company “International Centre for Social and Economic Research “Leontief Centre” (CJSC ICSER “Leontief Centre”) was established in 1991 on the joint initiative of St. Petersburg-born well-known economist and Nobel Prize Winner Wassily Leontief and the Mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak in order to implement expert support for transition reforms in Russia, providing advisory and methodological assistance to regional and local authorities in developing socio-economic development programmes and effective mechanisms for strategic management. Currently the Leontief Centre is an independent research and consulting organization.


Sergey Vasiliev
Doctor of Science in Economics, Academic Supervisor of ICSER Leontief Centre

When we established Leontief Centre in 1991, we could not imagine all challenges that Russian market transition would face. We had no idea how complex those challenges would be. However, the scientists and politicians who established the Leontief Centre - such prominent leaders as W. Leontief, A.A. Sobchak, А.B. Chubais and A.L. Kudrin - realized perfectly well that objective research and analysis for economic policy-making could only be provided by independent analytical Centers - something Russia lacked at the time.

From its establishment the Leontief Centre has been functioning as an independent economic policymaking think-tank. It has not merged with the government or fallen victim to abstract science, and, on the other hand, it has not turned into a pure consulting firm. By means of its applied research, including analysis of key issues and trends of the socio-economic development, evaluation of regulatory instruments designed to further the economic reform, monitoring the progress of adopted programmes and providing the objective evaluation of its outcomes and implications, Leontief Centre has contributed to a more viable and efficient economic policy at different levels of governance (local, regional and federal), developed recommendations and forecasts for the non-governmental sector, and, generally, promoted private enterprise in every way.

Without limiting itself to research, the Leontief Centre has been fostering ideas and findings of its scholars, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experience between experts in transitional economies by hosting Russian and international conferences and workshops, publishing and exhibition activities as well as via the Internet.

Working with a diverse spectrum of clients and partners, the Leontief Centre has found its place among Russian research institutions as an expert in regional economics and corporate behavior. The Centre has been constantly updating its thematic areas and methods along the way to keep them relevant.

Currently the economy of Russia is facing new challenges that require appropriate and effective responses. The alignment of regional and local strategies for a better use of existing potential is one of the most important directions of its work!

It means that the Leontief Centre team, all our colleagues and partners will have new important challenges calling for a professional approach, expertise, new ideas and, most importantly, dedication to scientific truth and courage to take a stand.


Main activities of the Leontief Centre:

  • organizing and conducting research on problems of regional and urban economies;
  • providing consulting support to federal, regional and municipal authorities in development of strategic plans, projects and socio-economic development programmes;
  • participation in implementation of projects and programmes of international research and financial organizations;
  • organization of scientific conferences, practical seminars, exhibitions;
  • organization of trainings, educational seminars and hands-on workshops;
  • publishing activities;
  • information technologies and telecommunications.

The following principles are at the core of the Leontief Centre’s philosophy:

  • openness to cooperation;
  • willingness to share its research findings;
  • emphasis on partnerships and networking.

Leontief Centre has made its best effort to:

  • focus on communities’ real economic and social needs;
  • stay ahead in terms of the subject areas and level of its research;
  • involve the best Russian and international experts;
  • remain independent and unbiased in its political beliefs;
  • defy stereotypes and wide-spread delusions.

The mission of the Leontief Centre is to promote the best quality standards of socio-economic studies and consulting services that foster professional growth of public management in the cities and regions of Russia.


According to the principles of openness, partnership and readiness for cooperation, the Leontief Centre is constantly developing partnerships and expanding the network of strong collaborations:


In 2000, the Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre was established to foster the growth of professionalism in management of public processes in the cities and regions of Russia through promotion of best international quality standards in strategic planning and management, development of a cooperation and partnership network.


In 2011, the Leontief Centre Chair at Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg was established to improve the educational process for students and strengthen educational, methodological and research ties between the Higher School of Economics and the Leontief Centre.


In 2015, the Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium was established for the joint work on the market of development of strategic documents for the cities and regions of Russia. The Consortium unites experienced professionals who have developed over 1000 successful projects.





Russian National Sub-Committee


Strategic Planning News


Association of Russian Economic Think-Tanks(ARETT)


XIX Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia


Interdisciplinary Seminar «Economy and Society»


Form of seminar suggests key speech one or two presenters among leading Russians or foreign scientist, politicians, experts on topical issues theory and practice world economic and social develop, including Russia and Post-soviet countries, followed by discussion this problematic with audience 

Analytical Review «The Socio-Economic Situation in St. Petersburg»

This analytical overview is a bi-monthly edition brought to you by the Leontief Centre in Russian and in English since 1992.

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