Logistics Group


Head of the Department:
Kostygina Elena
Tel.: (812) 746-89-79
Fax: (812) 570-38-14



Logistics Group was established in 2003 to provide organizational, technical and informational support of the activities (forums, conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops and visits), conducted by the Leontief Centre. New functional unit has been associated with the expansion of the Centre and the significant broadening of its activities. During the year Leontief Centre organizes up to 30 different events which take place both within the projects and on a regular basis (for more info please visit Conferences and News sections).


Diversified departments in the structure of the Centre, extensive tangible and technical facilities, usage of modern information technology gives the Centre a comprehensive approach to the events preparation. It also provides a full range of services such as conceptual design, an optimal plan and budget activities, training, information package, program design and membership. The Group provides an organizational and technical, informational and promotional support at all stages of the event. Since 2020, events have also been held in online and hybrid formats.


Logistics Group members are formed individually for each event by manager, depending on its objectives, format and scale, out of the number of the Leontief Centre experts and freelancers.


Logistics Group provides organizational and technical support for all external events, taking place at the Leontief Centre Conference Hall, and also provides organizational support to partner events.


Logistics Group is actively involved in preparing and conducting major annual academic and research activities of the Leontief Centre:





Association of Russian Economic Think-Tanks(ARETT)


XX Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia


Interdisciplinary Seminar «Economy and Society»


Form of seminar suggests key speech one or two presenters among leading Russians or foreign scientist, politicians, experts on topical issues theory and practice world economic and social develop, including Russia and Post-soviet countries, followed by discussion this problematic with audience 

Analytical Review «The Socio-Economic Situation in St. Petersburg»

This analytical overview is a bi-monthly edition brought to you by the Leontief Centre in Russian and in English since 1992.