Information Resources Department


Head of the Department:


Larisa Dukhanina


Contacts: (812) 316-27-62

Information Department was established in 1991 and it is the infrastructure division of the Leontief Centre. The main objective of the department is an information support of the Centre.
The department carries out the accumulation, processing, storage of reference, legal, socio-economic and other information; maintains databases, searches and provides the required materials.

The Fund and Archives were established to store and find useful information at the Department.
The information that is regularly filled in with periodicals, reference books, statistics and regulations is stored in The Fund
The Archive contains the materials of all the Leontief Centre’s projects and activities: reports on research, publishing papers, seminars and conferences, advertising, information and promotional materials of the Centre, publications in mass media, etc.
Information department provides all the necessary information and materials to carry out research and consultancy work both for the employees of the Leontief Centre and the project partners. The Foundation provides the necessary literature for students and trainees.
To search information efficiently on current legislation of Russia and St. Petersburg information-legal system "Code" is used. If necessary, department’s employees are searching for information in various organizations and libraries.
Department participates in events organized by the Leontief Centre, including seminars, conferences, etc., and if necessary assists in its information supply.



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