Information Technologies and Telecommunications Department


Head of the Department:


Oleg Rybalko

        Employees of the department:

  •  Anton Esipov


The main objective of the department – implementation of the latest telecommunications and information technologies based on modern computer hardware and software. 

Working Areas:

1. Development and Support of Leontief Centre Information System

The system combines several UNIX-based server and about 50 computer workplaces and provides all employees of the Centre:

  • rapid exchange of information within the Centre;
  • e-mail;
  • access to the Internet;
  • access to united databases;
  • access to the system of local websites.

2. Operation of Telecommunication Systems and Equipment, Technical Support of Centre’s Structural Units

Department performs on a regular basis the whole range of tasks related to provision of service and technical maintenance of computer equipment, software debugging, including:


  • identification and rapid elimination of failures in hardware and software;
  • accomplishment of requests for the necessary equipment and software, procurement and installation;
  • backup and archiving information from computers of the Centre users, full antivirus control;
  • providing information security, etc.

3. Support of  According to the Centre’s Projects 


4. Implementation of the Latest Telecommunications and Information Technologies

Using the latest telecommunications and information technologies, modern equipment and software provides additional opportunities to carry out projects at a high level and target date. To solve this objective the department carries out:


  • studying domestic and foreign experience of development of telecommunications and information technologies, development and implementation of the latest hardware and software;
  • preparation of proposals on improvement of telecommunications and information systems of Centre, renovation of computers and office equipment, software;
  • cooperation with external organizations on computer, software and information support of Centre;
  • regular modernization of telecommunications, information and computer systems of Centre.

5. Software and Technical Support of Centre’s Activities

Leontief Centre annually holds a variety of events (forums, conferences, seminars) that requires modern presentation, audio, video and computer equipment. During events department provides optimal placement of equipment, supplies necessary equipment, maintain work of equipment, presentations, audio and video recordings, etc. 



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