Publication and Advertising Department



Head of the Department:

Chetvergova Elena

Tel. (812) 746-88-72


In the process of work the department interacts with other relevant departments and structural units of Leontief Centre.


Implements a PR-project support of Leontief Centre, including concept development, design and implementation of media plans, preparing and placement of materials in leading print and electronic mass media, preparing and  holding press conferences and presentations.


Supervises the preparation for publication of scientific and information materials, including the publication of books according to the results of the Annual Conference “Leontief Readings”, distributes publications of Leontief Centre within the scientific and business communities.


On the basis on the department it is working a press center of All-Russia Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia".


The department is engaged in searching and processing of historical materials about the building, where is located Leontief Centre, using the accumulated material for design of Business Centre Partnerstvo.


Implements corporate PR of the Leontief Centre: develops a corporate identity, establishes and maintains relationships with governments, business communities, prepares informational and promotional products (press releases, articles, presentations, annual reports, brochures, video presentations, and souvenirs), serves as the Leontief Centre press service.


During solving complex challenges the department has gained much experience in working with leading design studios and printing houses of St. Petersburg, organizations and cultural institutions, representatives of Russian and regional mass media communities, translation companies and other organizations that help to implement various types of work in a very short time and at a high level.



XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia