Territorial Strategic Planning Department



Head of Department:

Arthur Batchaev, Ph.D.

Tel. (812) 316-26-72,


       Employees of the Department:

  • Voronkova Rimma
  • Gerasimova Olga
  • Zhunda Nikolay, Ph.D.
  • Knor Victoria
  • Pribyshin Taras
  • Ryabkova Julia

Major activity areas


The Territorial Strategic Planning Department is an essential part of the Leontief Centre. The main activity of the department is to develop strategic planning documents alongside with other program and planning documents on socio-economic development of federal districts, federal subjectsmunicipalities, economic complexes and sectors of the Russian Federation, as well as updating these documents. In addition, the department is engaged in research, scientific and project development in the following areas:

  • Development and implementation of the State regional development policy;
  • Demographic, socio-economic, and spatial development analysis of federal districts, federal subjects of the Russian Federation, municipalities, economic complexes and sectors;
  • Making forecasts of socio-economic development of federal subjects of the Russian Federation, municipalities, economic complexes and sectors;
  • Formation and development of urban agglomerations and urbanized territories;
  • Attraction and use of investments, implementation of investment projects and evaluation of their effectiveness, including cultural heritage preservation projects;
  • Fiscal policy at the regional and municipal levels, intergovernmental fiscal relations;
  • Improving the management of socio-economic development of federal subjects and municipalities of the Russian Federation.


Main projects



Association of Russian Economic Think-Tanks(ARETT)


XX Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia


Interdisciplinary Seminar «Economy and Society»


Form of seminar suggests key speech one or two presenters among leading Russians or foreign scientist, politicians, experts on topical issues theory and practice world economic and social develop, including Russia and Post-soviet countries, followed by discussion this problematic with audience 

Analytical Review «The Socio-Economic Situation in St. Petersburg»

This analytical overview is a bi-monthly edition brought to you by the Leontief Centre in Russian and in English since 1992.