2015-09-25 :: In Memory of Mikhail Petrovich

Misha passed recently away from us. He was light and open-minded man, a real professional, a long-time reliable business partner and loyal friend to Leontief Centre. 

Misha was a deep and bright personality, who was intelligent, constantly reflecting about himself and about life. He aimed to make life better through profession as well as through social activity. 
Mikhail Petrovich was extraordinarily creative and spouting ideas. He managed to do a lot of useful things and became one of the best in his sphere. We can only wonder how he understood territory and space, complicated laws of transport networks functioning and the essence of urban processes.
Together with Leontief Centre Mikhail Petrovich implemented several successful projects. Within the World Bank project for the reconstruction of St. Petersburg in the late 1990s, he was the ideologist of creating one of the first open Internet geographic information systems in the Russian Federation. The huge contribution was made by Mikhail Petrovich and his staff in the development of Strategy of Socio-Economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan until 2030, which took place in 2013-2015. It was Misha’s achievement that the spatial part of this strategy turned one of the most filled up with new and bright ideas. 
Misha was a fierce debater, ready to defend his professional positions and another joint project - Strategy of St. Petersburg until 2030 - can convince us in that.
So it is a huge loss for the professional community of St. Petersburg, and for a huge number of his friends on trips, biking, creativity. Misha was the soul of the company and atmosphere of creativity and goodness was always around him as he made it by himself.
Misha was bravely fighting the disease, saving interest and optimism. We believed in a miracle with him, but the miracle didn’t happen...
Labgrad, friends, students and ideas of Mikhail Petrovich stayed after him and his deal will be continued. 
Staff of Leontief Centre is deeply saddened and make condolences to the family and friends.
We remember and we will remember!

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