2015-07-08 :: Trainees of ICSER Leontief Centre

Two students from St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, NIU HSE and 19 students from St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, NIU HSE were trainees from April to June 2015 at ICSER Leontief Centre. Currently there are two trainees of St. Petersburg State University. All trainees have been actively involved in the current projects of the Leontief Centre.

On the June, 2015 18 bachelors of NIU HSE, St. Petersburg protected diplomas under the guidance of ICSER Leontief Centre employees - Leonid Limonov, Boris Zhikharevich, Artur Batchaev, Marina Nesena, Olga Rusetskaya, Elizaveta Kolchinskaya.



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