2015-01-29 :: On January 29 Boris Zhikharevich made a presentation at a meeting of Tatarstan Republic State Council

On January 29 A presentation of the first draft of Socio-Economic Development Strategy for the period up to 2030 was held in Tatarstan Republic State Council. Boris Zhikharevich, Director of Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre, Scientific Director of the Project "Tatarstan-2030", made a report.


The discussion was attended by chairmen of parliamentary committees, heads of parliamentary factions and groups. 


Boris Zhikharevich told in details about the main directions of the Strategy-2030, formulated the main strategic goal of development, presented the key flagship projects, explained the mechanism for implementing the Strategy. According to his words, it is important to see the future in current difficult economic conditions for holding a general line. Boris Zhikharevich noticed, that the Strategy-2030 will help to make priorities, so that the next phase of economic growth quickly compensates the loss, moving in promising areas and basing on the stored potential.


Boris Zhikharevich noted, that text of the first draft of the Strategy secured important ideas that arose in the course of expert elaborations and extensive discussions, defined the transformations, that will ensure the transition of society from its current state to a new state - "Tatarstan-2030". Following months will be a period of intensive debates, making the text of additional proposals, and development of the Action Plan for the Strategy implementation.


The Socio-Economic Development Strategy for the period up to 2030 of Tatarstan Republic will be approximately entered into the State Council as a bill and after the procedure of three readings adopted by the Tatarstan Republic Law. 


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