2023-11-15 :: Guide “Sustainable Tourism: Miracles All Around”

The development of domestic tourism, which is a multiplier of economic development, has become a strategically important area in a difficult geopolitical situation.

Tourism and travel are not only an opportunity to learn about the nature, rich culture and history of your country, it is the growth of regional economies by creating new jobs, increasing the attractiveness and protecting the territory. The goal of sustainable tourism is to strike a delicate balance between meeting the needs of travelers and ensuring that natural wonders are preserved for future generations. 

In October, the guide “Sustainable Tourism: Miracles All Around” was published based on the results of a comprehensive study of best practice examples of sustainable solutions in the tourism industry, applied in different countries and promoting the sustainable development of an area, without disturbing the balance of nature or harming local communities; which was carried out by the development department of the ICSER “Leontief Center” in 2023.

The presentation of the publication took place on October 31 at the XXI All-Russian Forum “Strategic planning in the regions and cities of Russia: grounding cooperation, strengthening cooperation” as part of the panel discussion “Tourist sovereignty: cooperation between the state and business.”

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XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia