2023-10-20 :: Development of St. Petersburg in new demographic conditions

On October 18, a strategic seminar “Development of a megacity in demographic conditions” was held, organized by the Corporate University of St. Petersburg.


Representatives of the authorities of St. Petersburg, experts from research and design institutes, and teachers from a number of universities took part in the seminar. Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg V.N. made a welcoming speech and an introductory report. Knyaginin. Director-coordinator of research programs L.E. took part in the seminar. Limonov. The seminar provided an overview of the situation in St. Petersburg in 2022, discussed the reasons for changes in urban planning, and presented examples of vibrant, flexible and sustainable ecosystems. During the seminar, participants discussed the topic of finding successful solutions for the development of St. Petersburg.

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XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia