2023-10-02 :: The Sochi-2035 strategy (draft) was presented at a meeting of the Expert Council

On September 21, the first meeting of the Expert Council for the Strategic Development of Sochi was held, formed as one of the elements of the permanent institutional mechanism for accompanying and supporting the Strategy for the socio-economic development of the resort city until 2035, along with the Sochi Development Agency, the Strategic Council of the Sochi Agglomeration and the Investment Council.

At the meeting of the Council, the draft Sochi Development Strategy until 2035 was presented, on which a large team has been working since the beginning of the year, consisting of representatives of the resort city administration, business, the expert community and active residents of Sochi under the leadership of experts from the Leontief Center Consortium - AV Group. Alexey Krylovsky, managing director of LC-AV, Natalia Ivanova, advisor to the managing director of LC-AV, Anna Efremova, head of the social block of LC-AV, and Rimma Voronkova, expert on spatial development of LC-AV, presented a document by which to live and work for Sochi residents in the next 12 years.

The first meeting of the Expert Council for Strategic Development was a milestone in the process of developing and launching the implementation of the Sochi-2035 Strategy. At the meeting, the leadership of the Council was elected: Chairman - Alexey Krylovsky, Managing Director of LC-AV, Deputy Chairman - Vladimir Sharafutdinov, leading researcher at the Scientific Center for Strategic Research and Development of SSU, Secretary - Artem Vartavanyan, Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Strategic Development of the Sochi Administration .

In addition, during the meeting, the winners of the “Sochi – City of the Future!” competition, which was held as part of the development of the Strategy, were awarded. The main goal of the competition is to identify the population’s ideas and opinions about the development of the city, to form a “bank of ideas” for the Sochi-2035 Strategy. All works submitted to the competition received expert assessments, and the best authors were invited to present diplomas.

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