2023-09-13 :: Will the St. Petersburg Forum of Strategists help put an end to urban planning chaos and the dominance of “humanitarians”?

The St. Petersburg magazine “City 812” published an interview with a researcher at the Leontief Center, deputy director of the Resource Center for Strategic Planning at the Leontief Center R.M. Voronkova about the most pressing problems in the field of urban planning and the development of regions and cities in general.


The expert shared her opinion on spatial planning and territorial development, the need to create an interdisciplinary institute on regional development issues and the lack of a high-quality legislative framework regarding the development and effective management of territories.


R.M. Voronkova noted that at the upcoming XXI All-Russian Forum “Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: Landing Strategies, Strengthening Cooperation” (October 30-31, 2023), several thematically related events on territorial development issues will be held.

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XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia