2023-01-11 :: Opublikovan uchebnik "The Contemporary Russian Economy" Vyshel iz pechati uchebnik "The Contemporary Russian Economy", soavtorami kotorogo vystupili sotrudniki Leont’yevskogo tsentra Opublikovan uchebnik "The Contemporary Russian Economy" pod redakts

The textbook "The Contemporary Russian Economy" edited by M. Dombrovsky was published. The co-authors of the textbook were the director-coordinator of research programs L.E. Limonov, head of the investment design department O.V. Rusetskaya, senior researchers D.V. Kadochnikov and N.B. Junda.

The textbook characterizes Russia’s economic geography, its natural and human resources, recent Russian economic history, institutions and governance, Russia’s role in the world economy, and the challenges of economic and social policy. The textbook consists of 19 chapters, grouped into seven thematic parts.


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