2022-09-05 :: B.S. Zhikharevich and A.B. Krylovsky took part in a meeting to discuss the results of the development of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

On September 2, Director of the Resource Center for Strategic Planning at the Leontief Center B.S. Zhikharevich and Managing Director of the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group A.B. Krylovsky took part in a meeting organized by the Accounts Board of the Russian Federation to discuss the conclusions of the expert and analytical event “Evaluation of the results of the implementation of the subprogram “Integrated development of infrastructure and improvement of the Caucasian Mineral Waters” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of the North Caucasus Federal District”, as well as a list of measures for the integrated development of the resort city of Kislovodsk until 2030, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 29, 2016 No. 2899-r”.


The meeting was chaired by the Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation N.A. Trunova. A.B. Krylovsky made comments.

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XXI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia