2022-06-25 :: I.A. Karelina, E.G. Belova and O.A. Yakimenko took part in the sprint session "Industrial symbiosis for regional sustainable growth and a resource-efficient maritime economy"

On June 18, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a sprint session "Industrial symbiosis for regional sustainable growth and a resource-efficient maritime economy" was held, organized by the International Consortium "St. Petersburg Clean Technologies Cluster for the Urban Environment" and ICSER ??"Leontief Center".
The participants of the sprint session discussed the results and prospects of creating industrial parks of industrial symbiosis in Russia, as well as tools for coordinating environmental measures and actions of partner countries for the conservation and sustainable management of coastal and marine resources, including common solutions for adapting the maritime economy to climate change and modernizing marine clusters. The participants of the sprint session supported the proposals of Russian and Chinese scientists and research organizations to join efforts in the direction of studying the parameters of the marine environment, marine spatial planning and rational marine use.
In order to strengthen regional formats of international cooperation and transfer the best practices of St. Petersburg in the field of clean technological processes, eco-mobility, circular economy, including marine resources, practical solutions were considered for the formation of new generation programs "Neighbours for a Sustainable Future 2030" and the possibilities of organizing, including with the participation of foreign partners, the Far East sub-cluster Clean Technologies.
To develop regional approaches to marine spatial planning, the participants took the initiative to develop a pilot marine spatial plan for one of the Russian Far Eastern waters, for example, Peter the Great Bay, taking into account international experience, as well as the experience gained by Russian organizations in the Baltic, Barents and Black Seas.
Director General of the Leontief Center I.A. Karelina, scientific secretary, head of the development department E.G. Belova and project manager for sustainable development and Internet technologies O.A. Yakimenko took an active part in the discussion and invited Russian and Chinese colleagues to continue the discussion at the Forum of Strategists on October 31 - November 1, 2022

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