2021-12-21 :: O.A. Yakimenko took part in the Panel Discussion on ESG issues (St. Petersburg)

December 21, Head of Internet Projects and Marketing Communications of the Leontief Center, Coordinator of the Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative O.A. Yakimenko took part as an expert of the panel discussion on ESG (sustainable development based on environmental, social and corporate governance (St. Petersburg).


Speakers from various industries discussed topical issues on the ESG agenda:

1. Why should a company engage in ESG: is it an opportunity or a necessity?

2. What activities does the company implement in the field of ESG?

3. Where does the company get qualified human resources to implement ESG events?


4. How are companies changing their supplier policies to address ESG issues?

5. What are companies doing about the cyclical economy?

6. What is the experience of using renewable energy sources?


7. How is the carbon footprint calculated across the three scale regions? What measures are being taken to reduce it?

Organizer: Business Association Network North-West


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