2021-09-13 :: St. Petersburg hosted the XX International Conference from the series "Leontief Readings" - "Regional Economy and Regional Policy"

On September 10-11, St. Petersburg hosted the XX International Conference from the Leontief Readings series - Regional Economy and Regional Policy. Organizer of the conference: ANO ICSER Leontief Center. The second plenary session was co-hosted by the Regional Studies Association. CJSC ICSEI Leontief Center provided expert support to the conference.






Media partners - the magazines "Questions of Theoretical Economics" and "Finance and Business".



Due to the current epidemiological situation, the conference was held in a mixed format - face-to-face and online.



Leading Russian and foreign experts, specialists in regional economic and social problems, spoke at the conference. A special lecture “100th Anniversary of the NEP: Myths and Reality” was delivered by A.P. Zaostrovtsev, Leontief Center, European University at St. Petersburg, HSE - St. Petersburg.




On September 11, in the Parade Pavilion of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Solemn ceremony of awarding the International Leontief Medal "For Contribution to Economic Reform" to the laureates of 2020 was held. The following were nominated for the medal:


  • E.T. Gurvich, Scientific Director of the Economic Expert Group, Senior Researcher of the Scientific Research Financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, for outstanding services in the development of macroeconomic theory, active participation in the development of economic policy in Russia, economic reforms, educational and publicistic activities;
  • O.A. Zhandosov, Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1996-1998), Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1999), director of the Rakurs Center for Economic Analysis, for outstanding services in reforming the economy of Kazakhstan.



More details: http://leontief-readings.ru



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