2021-05-31 :: Irina Karelina and Elena Belova Participated in the Extended Meeting of the Russian National Sub-Committee

On May 31, Irina Karelina, Director-General, and Elena Belova, Secretary General, participated in the extraordinary extended meeting the Russian National Sub-Committee (RNSC) as part of the national consultations on the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 Programme document.

The meeting was attended by the RNSC members and observers, representatives of federal ministries and authorities of the regions of the North-West Russia, Russian project partners of the Programme 2014-2020, representatives of relevant organizations and companies of the regions of the North-West Russia, associations, unions, councils, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, experts (about 50 people).

Irina Karelina, RNSC Executive Secretary, gave a presentation of the RNSC previous events within the national consultations of the Programme documents and invited all participants to the XVI session “Interreg Baltic Sea Region Dialogues: Results, Challenges and Joint Priorities” to be held on October 25 as part of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020-2021.

Learn more on the RNSC website.


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