2021-04-26 :: Olga Iakimenko Moderated the Business Game “Game of Goals: Green Landscape” as Part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Project “Landscape as a Resource: Backing New Services and Tourism” (Gatchina)

On April 26, Olga Iakimenko, Head of Internet Projects and Marketing Communications at ICSER Leontief Centre, Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative Coordinator, Game of Goals Business Game Coordinator, moderated the business game “Game of Goals: Green Landscape” as part of the cross-border cooperation project “Landscape as a Resource: Backing New Services and Tourism” (Gatchina).

The intellectual battle included three teams, composed of representatives of SMEs of the Gatchinsky District. The teams had the task to develop new products and services and think of their promotion at the local level.

Organizers: Latvia-Russia CBC Programme, Park Agency, Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative, ICSER Leontief Centre.

Learn more: https://gog.greenmobility.ru/eng/calendar25.html


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