2021-04-20 :: Olga Iakimenko Participated in the Conference “Vehicle Safety and Maintenance: History, Trends, and Prospects”

On April 20, Olga Iakimenko, Head of Internet Projects and Marketing Communications at ICSER Leontief Centre, Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative Coordinator, Game of Goals Business Game Coordinator, participated in the conference “Vehicle Safety and Maintenance: History, Trends and Prospects” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of JSC “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport”. Olga Iakimenko gave the presentation “The Inevitable Future: Why Electric Vehicle Is Bound to Succeed”. The conference was held as part of the Traffic Safety Federal Project Action Plan of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project.

The conference brought together over 200 participants, including leading Russian experts in motor transport science and the representatives of the State Government bodies of the Russian Federation.

Organizers: JSC “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport” (on demand of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation) supported by Russian Automobile Federation, Association of Traffic Engineers, and Roscongress Foundation.




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