2021-04-14 :: Leonid Limonov Spoke at the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development (Moscow, 13-30 April)

On April 14, Leonid Limonov, Director-Coordinator for Research Programmes, Laureate of the ARETT Medal “In Recognition of Research in Economic Analysis”, gave the public lecture “Russian Cities: Old Problems and New Challenges” as an invited honorary speaker at the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, organized by the Higher School of Economics.

The lecture examines the features of Russian urbanization at the present stage, as well as the differences between large and small cities in Russia both in terms of objective indicators of socio-economic development and subjective assessments and values of the population of these groups of cities (according to the European Social Survey). The groups of cities with different development trajectories are distinguished, the cases of small and medium-sized cities that do not belong to the largest urban agglomerations that have successfully overcome the transformation crisis are considered, and the features and sources of resilience (resilience to crises) are discussed. An example of a federal project for preserving the cultural heritage of small historical cities and approaches to assessing its efficiency are considered. In conclusion, the impact of the coronavirus crisis on different groups of Russian cities and on the spatial transformations expected in the post-pandemic period is discussed.

Broadcast recording is available via the link


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