2019-03-25 :: Articles by Leontief Centre Researchers on Economic Aspects of Language Policy in Russia Published in the Terra Economicus Journal

The following articles by Leontief Centre researchers on economic aspects of language policy in Russia are published in the Terra Economicus journal:

Denis Kadochnikov (2019). Goals and Objectives of Language Policy and Problems of Socio-Economic Development of Russia // Terra Economicus, 17(1), 96–111. http://te.sfedu.ru/evjur/data/2019/1/kadochnikov.pdf

Nina Oding, Andrey Yushkov, Lev Savulkin (2019). The Use of the Local Languages as the Official Ones in the Republics of the Russian Federation: Legal and Economic Aspects // Terra Economicus, 17(1), 112–130. http://te.sfedu.ru/evjur/data/2019/1/oding_i_dr.pdf


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