2020-07-21 :: Proceedings of the XIXth Annual International Conference of the Cycle “Leontief Readings” – “Economics and Sociology” Published

The proceedings of the XIXth Annual International Conference of the Cycle “Leontief Readings” – “Economics and Sociology” have been published. Editor – Andrey Zaostrovtsev, Senior Research Fellow at ICSER Leontief Centre. The conference took place on 14-15 February 2020 in St. Petersburg and focused on institutional economic theory and sociology. The first section of the proceedings touches upon the modernization theory and related controversial aspects. The second section presents an analysis of a number of current practical political-economic and social challenges. The proceedings close with the lecture “Political Economy of Populism” delivered by the 2019 Leontief Medal Laureate “For Contribution to Economic Reforms”, one of Russia’s leading economists, Sergei Guriev.

The proceedings will be of interest to economists, sociologists and other social scientists.




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