2018-02-06 :: Heads of ICSER Leontief Centre and Leontief Centre-AV Group Consortium Took Part in Preparation Activities for Strategic Planning Forum 2018

On February 5-6, Heads of ICSER Leontief Centre and Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium (Irina Karelina, Boris Zhikharevich, Alexey Krylovskiy, and Andrey Efremov) took part in the preparation activities for the Strategic Planning Forum 2018 in Moscow.

On February 5, the project seminar entitled “Contests of Municipal Strategies: Results, Lessons Learned and Development Areas” was held at the Committee of Civil Initiatives. Boris Zhikharevich showcased an experience in holding the contests within the Strategic Planning Forums 2014-2017. During the discussion, moderated by a Member of the Civic Chamber of Russia Andrey Maksimov, participants offered topics and options for organizing contests in 2018. It is planned to focus on small towns - urban settlements. Thanks to the amendments to 172-FL, they were given the opportunity to develop their own strategies. The list of recommended thematic accents for upcoming contests: the alignment of strategies for vertical and horizontal, the quality of public involvement, the originality and information value of quantitative indicators, and others. The work on preparing contests for the Strategic Planning Forum 2018 will be continued.

Read more: https://komitetgi.ru/news/news/3628/ 

On February 6, the round table entitled “Regional Strategies Development Experience” was held at the CSR, attended by Alexey Kudrin. The Forum brought together strategic planning experts and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, ICSER Leontief Center, RANEPA, regional administrations, and also professional consultants from various organizations.

The round table was devoted to the discussion of methodological issues of developing and coordinating strategies. The keynote address was made by the Managing Director of Leontief Centre-AV Group Consortium Aleksey Krylovskiy, who showcased the Consortium’s experience in developing regional strategies and the results of analysis of other strategies developed in recent years. The speaker noted that the quality of the strategies of Russia’s federal subjects has significantly increased over the past few years, but still there are parts that raise questions. Comparing the list of indicators, recommended for use by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, with indicators actually used in the strategies attracted much interest of the round table participants. The discussion aimed to provide expert support to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia in adjusting relevant methodological recommendations and to provide in-depth preparation for the next Strategic Planning Forum to be held in October 2018 in St. Petersburg. In this regard, such round tables will be held regularly.

Read more: https://www.csr.ru/news/zhivaya-sistema-upravleniya-budushhim/





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