2017-08-04 :: Elena Belova and Olga Iakimenko Took Part in the Study Visit to Aarhus (Denmark) within the Green Mobility Project – Towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment

From July 31 to August 4, 2017 Russian experts had the third study visit to Aarhus (Denmark) within the Green Mobility Project – Towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment. The study visit was attended by Elena Belova, Project Coordinator and Olga Iakimenko, Project Development Coordinator.

A work group of Russian experts, presented by the Cycling Advisor of Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, employees of the Administration of Gatchina District (Leningrad region), transport engineers and modellers, representatives of cycling movements – Velosipedization (St. Petersburg) and VELOVE (Republic of Karelia), studied over 100-years’ cycling culture of Denmark on the example of the Сity of Aarhus.

Study visit’s program featuring leading experts, employees of the Administration and Aarhus Chief Architect was aimed to showcase an Aarhus Sustainability Model (ASM) and its transport infrastructure.

Sustainability is a core value of Aarhus. Within ASM Aarhus is becoming a platform and a showcase for smart and ecological urban solutions, while art and culture are acting as catalysts and driving force. An art projects and initiatives give us new eyes to see the urban future, humanity’s relationship with nature, and encourage people to seek for sustainable solutions in various spheres of life. ASM aims to facilitate the start-up, development and implementation of sustainable projects and initiatives on the focus areas: Food & Beverages, Daily Operation & Mobility, Architecture & Physical Framework, Communication & Behaviour. 

Mobility focus area aimed at increasing the role of cycling and public transport, providing people with an alternative to car use. The main steps include: developing a cycling infrastructure and carsharing system, getting rid of the free parking spaces, introducing good bicycle parking facilities and forming public spaces. The City of Aarhus is actively communicating with people, positioning the bicycle as safe and efficient mode of transport, accessible to everyone. While implementing all projects and initiatives pay special attention to reducing CO2 emissions.

The Green Mobility Project is implemented by the ICSER Leontief Centre and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.



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